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1)Install with Joomla installer (Extensions-->Install/Uninstall)




2)To Enable the module  go to : Extensions-->module manager-->current program



3)To set the Program go to :Components-->Program Schedules-->add-program
!attention: set the time like the screenshot e.g. 11:00




 4) To see or to edit the program go to :Components-->Program Schedules-->Programs

Notes:Be sure to configure the joomla time by global configuration, so the component shows the correct time.

if joomla Time do not show the right time,please try to create in root folder, a file php.ini 


1)  with the bellow line if you leave at Berlin :

      date.timezone = "Europe/Berlin"   


2)  with the bellow line if you leave at Athens :

      date.timezone = "Europe/Athens"   


3)  with the bellow line if you leave at Paris :

      date.timezone = "Europe/Paris"